Friday, December 17, 2010

Logan Neitzel - Fashion Friday

Logan with a model in his designs at the Modacycle Event
I first met Logan about a month ago at EVA's where he and my friend Brian were having a little soiree in celebration of both of their lines and to introduce them to the EVA customer. You may know him as "the cute one" or "the straight guy" from Project Runway a few seasons back. But he's also a really intriguing designer.  Originally from the west coast his collection of clothes, jewelry and accessories has a definite downtown vibe that seems particularly appropriate for NYC of today or in a Blade Runner type future. Openly provocative, well crafted and with an edge these are for girls who don't plan to stay on the sidelines.

Read his answers to our Fashion Friday questions and see more looks below.

If you could live in another era, when would it be and why?
I think I would have to choose the Stone Age because I would be able to hunt, make my own fur jackets, start fires with sticks, and find a pretty lady to keep me warm. Next choice would be the 80s for its fast fashion and rock 'n' roll.

What’s your favorite movie?
Fight Club: psychological thriller, sex, violence …

What is a current obsession?
I'm obsessed with vacation daydreaming and finding good Mexican food in this city.

Do you read fashion magazines? If so what are your current favorites?
I don't really read fashion magazines regularly, but if I do pick one up it tends to be the Vogues, 10, V Mag,i-d, W, Another, or Another Magazine.

Describe your style as a friend would.
Druid. I get called dark and brooding a lot. I'm really just a nice guy that likes to wear black. Lots of it.
What style/trend (current or past) do you hope is never recycled?
UGGS and any combination of any girl wearing them. I also really hate the hipster interpretation of the Lumberjack look. I'm pretty sure that true Lumberjacks would also have an issue with this.

What style/trend would you like to see come back?
The trend of actually getting ready before you walk out the door.
I just wish people would try a bit harder to put themselves together. Sometimes I laugh when I see someone dressed terribly. I imagine them standing in front of their mirror and thinking that "Yep, this is what I am going to wear today.”

Has the internet changed the fashion industry? How?
I think we all know the internet has changed the fashion industry. Social media will end the world one day.

Can we find you on twitter?

finish this sentence:
I love New York because…
There is always something interesting happening, because we scorn the fat, because you can buy anything, because even my intern has an intern, and because I can hide in my hood and no one bothers me.


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