Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Va-va-va voom. Pin-up style alive and well in NYC

Katy O'Neil is a dear friend of mine and also dresses like a pin-up girl 24/7. I love the commitment to an aesthetic and I think it really suits her. I also love how there's the sign that says 'fire extinguisher' on the wall next to her!

The nylons are sick. It honestly looks like she's not wearing anything on her legs from the front -they are that sheer- but have this great detailing on the back!

Sweet Sally's Soaps Giveaway!

Update: Allison, you are the winner - Congrats! **
I love handmade organic soaps, lotions and sugar scrubs and I am thrilled to
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I wish I could enter myself!
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Bright Bold and Beautiful : A Few of My Favorite Things

Jessica of A Few of My Favorite Things is the next host in my BB&B guest post series,

"What is bright, bold, and beautiful to you?" Thank you Jessica!

I am constantly getting inspiration from Bright, Bold, and Beautiful blog, so it is an honor to be a guest here! Laura asked me to share what is bright, bold and beautiful to me. Since I started blogging this has been defined and redefined as I see so many bright, bold, and beautiful things out there! Lately, though, here are what they mean to me:
Bright: Neons!
I am loving everything neon right now.
image via coastal living
I am SO not fashionable, so every fashion blog I read inspires me to think outside the box and not be so worried about what other people think about what I'm wearing.
Beautiful: Life
My daughter has taught me that every simple thing in life is beautiful, even with messy hair and dirty hands.

I hope you enjoyed my idea of bright, bold, and beautiful! Come stop by sometime!
Thanks for having me Laura!

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Monday, May 30, 2011

Oh! You Pretty Things: The New Romantics

I photographed Anna & Kayvon Zand  outside Le Poisson Rouge last night at Oh! You Pretty Things, the GLAMorous shenanigans produced by Michael T., Benjamin Ickies, Shien Lee & Twig the Wonderkid. A fashion show by Wren Britton, tons of live performances accompanied by an orchestra and a dance performance were all part of the mix. I don't know if it was a throwback to earlier club days or really the beginning of something new but whatever it was it was divine. And before you ask: I did not photoshop the photo above. Anna really has a wasp waist in this corset!

Kayvon onstage

The symphonic rock band, This Ambitious Orchestra provided the music for the performances by Kayvon, Twig the Wonderkid & Benjamin Ickies & Shien Lee among others.

Monday Inspiration and a Red Punch Buggy

"Why fit in when you were born to stand out?" ~ Dr Seuss
Red Punch Buggy

red punch buggy watercolor art print
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Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day... Here are some last minute bright ideas {from the archives} for your get together. We tried these strawberries dipped in chocolate, and they were a big hit... Go red, white and blue!
Bright Ideas: Memorial Day Weekend
New! Sunny Day at the Lake - original watercolor
More Holiday Decorating Ideas and More ways to follow BB&B
{photos: martha stewart}

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Outdoor Living: Beautiful Oceanfront Porch

I want to be here on this cool outdoor porch today... feeling the wind and salt air. How about you? I love the blue and green color scheme for the beachy feel.
Children play in the protected shade of a covered beach porch.
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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Little White Dress - perfect for summer nights

I don't post many photos of girls in short dresses. The reason is that while mostly they look cute they don't seem to do more than that. And I'm not sure that this one is much more than just 'cute' either to be honest. But I thought it was a good alternative to black and it felt summery and appropriate for Memorial Day Weekend. Let me know if you think this look is indeed blogworthy. (Assuming the commenting function is working again! :) )

Best of the Week on BB&B

I have been trying my hand at some Abstract Paintings and I will have a full line of color blocks soon! For a sneak peek, click here. Enjoy the links from the week and see you back here tomorrow.
Color Inspiration ~ Decorating with Jewel Tones
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Friday, May 27, 2011

Super pale, Super chic - Sophie

There is something about Sophie that I find utterly captivating. She has a great mix of old fashioned elegance and modern edge. And her pale skin on a hot summer day somehow looks so much better than those that over-compensate with bronzer in an attempt to be tan when it doesn't come naturally. It's all about working with what you have and making it work for you!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

This has been such a busy week, I am really looking forward to the long Memorial Day weekend ahead. I thought these red white and blue prints were fitting for the occasion... It's the pool opening and everyone is excited for some fun in the sun!
Summer Nautical Mosaic
Be sure to enter the fabulous jewelry giveaway if you have not done so.
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Bright Bold and Beautiful : Hi Sugarplum

Hello all, I'm Cassie from Hi Sugarplum! I was thrilled when Laura asked me to share in this series, since Bright, Bold & Beautiful is practically my middle name. Or I aspire to it anyway. Maybe not literally since that would be a fairly significant monogram. Moving on, when I think of Bright, Bold & Beautiful, I immediately think of Jill Sorenson, of Marmalade Interiors, home. Her color choices are so bright and unexpected, her mix of patterns bravely bold, and the combination of them both is simply beautiful. Jill definitely has created a space I'd like to model in my own home.

all images courtesy Live Like You
Hopefully I've infused Jill's bravado into the rooms I created for my Son and Daughter. I want them to feel Bright, Bold & Beautiful in them!
Picnik collage
Thank you, Laura, it was a pleasure to be here!

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