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The Hills' Jason Wahler Sent to Jail

Lauren Conrad's ex boyfriend Jason Wahler is currently being held in a jail in Washington state, has confirmed. "Yes, he's in our facility," an official at the Yakima County Jail -- located about 150 miles outside of Seattle -- tells Us. first reported that Wahler, 22, was booked on charges of assault and minor drinking in Seattle on Sept. 25. He was transferred to Yakima County Jail four days later.

"He will serve 120 days in jail but could get out after 80 days for good behavior," an official told This isn't the first time Wahler has gotten in trouble with the law.

In 2008, a judge ordered him to rehab after he punched a tow truck driver in the face and used racial slurs him. He spent 18 days in jail in 2007 after getting arrested on charges of assault for fighting in the lobby of a Seattle Marriott hotel.

That same year, he was picked up by police twice: once in Greenville, N.C. in 2007 for underage drinking and resisting arrest, and another time in NYC for resisting arrest and bribery.

Conrad famously refused an internship in Paris because she wanted to stay close to Wahler while they were dating. The two also reportedly filmed a sex tape together, rumors of which were leaked by Spencer Pratt -- ending the friendship between Conrad and Heidi Montag. Conrad denies the sex tape exists.

Credit: Us Magazine

Audrina Patridge Celebrates Court Victory

After spending most of her morning in court, Audrina Patridge was spotted out to lunch with friends earlier today (September 30).

The brunette beauty was granted a three year restraining order against her alleged stalker and looked pleased with those results as she lunched at Solar de Cahuengar restaurant afterward.

While in court, before the restraining order was granted, The Hills star was questioned by attorney Jeffery Rubenstein about several incidents which occurred with the alleged stalker, Zachory Loring, who did not appear in court, failed to stay 100 yards from Patridge.

“This has been a difficult and scary experience,” Patridge’s attorney said. “She hopes Mr. Loring gets help.”

Whitney Port: Beverly Hills Babe

Taking some time out of her busy schedule, Whitney Port was spotted out and about in Beverly Hills yesterday afternoon (September 29).

The City cutie was joined by a few girlfriends as she meandered around Bedford Drive, visiting several beauty salons.

As for her reality TV costar Olivia Palermo, Whitney told press that they’re still not pals, though they’re able to be friendly with each other. “Olivia and I have crossed paths a little bit at work events. We worked together at a Longchamp event, and then we saw each other at Miami Fashion Week and so we bump into each other. But socially, we don’t really hang out. No.”

She continued, “Sometimes we check in with each other: How are you? What’s going on? Is everything OK? But [we’re] not really super best friends.”

Credit: Celebrity Gossip

Audrina's Blog: The Hills Season 6 Premieres!

Thank you to everyone who watched The Hills Season 6 premiere last night~!!!! And thank you so much for all the supportive tweets! You guys are all so sweet! I will try my best to reply!!

I hope you enjoyed the premiere last night! This season won't be like any of the others! Kristin is back, and there's more drama than ever! Filming started in April, and we got 2 more months to go! So anything can happen! I'm really curious on what you guys think of it so far? I would love to hear some feedback!

Thanks for all the love <3>
xoxo Drina

I guess no one told her that it was actually the premiere of the Season 5 Bonus Episodes.It's ok, Audrina. Whatever you want to call it is just fine with us. We are also confused as to why it's not just a whole new season.

Lauren Conrad scores movie deal for L.A. Candy

Good news for those who were less than enthused about Kristin Cavallari's debut on The Hills last night: Lauren Conrad is making her way back to the screen. Well, sort of. Conrad's debut novel, "L.A. Candy" is being made into a movie.

Temple Hill Entertainment has acquired the screen rights to the book, and Conrad herself will serve as executive producer, Variety reports.

The novel, which has been on the New York Times' bestseller lists for 14 weeks, seems to mimic Conrad's own experience in L.A.: A 19-year old girl moves to Hollywood, becomes the star of a reality series and subsequently has to learn how to deal with the flash of the paparazzi's bulbs.

Conrad is slated to write two more books for the series.

"Lauren, who became an icon in that reality-show world, came to us with a structure of how to tell the story in an interesting fashion that was separate and apart from the book," Temple Hill's Mary Bowen said. "We loved her take. Her book is an honest portrayal of what it must be like to set out to be normal, then sign on to become famous and eventually realize: wow, this isn't at all what I'd planned for myself."

Hmm ... sounds familiar. What do you think? Will the movie show us the behind-the-scenes juice we never got to see during Conrad's stint on The Hills, or will it just be more of the same of what we got on MTV?

Credit: Amy Kaufman for LA Times

LaurenConrad "Front page of Variety! :-)" 10 minutes ago from TwitPic

Lauren Conrad Celebrates with Lo Bosworth

Stepping out for an evening of excitement, Lauren Conrad was spotted helping her gal pal Lauren ‘Lo’ Bosworth celebrate her 23rd birthday last night (September 29).

Both ladies looked lovely as they hit up West Hollywood hotspot MI-6 with a gaggle of girlfriends to commemorate the special occasion.

Earlier in the day, Lo was spotted hanging out with Hills costar Stephanie Pratt as she made her way around Beverly Hills.

Miss Bosworth and Miss Pratt hit up Alice + Olivia boutique and Sephora before stopping into a local eatery for some lunch.

The Hills Season Premiere Recap: 'It's On, Bitch!'

On Tuesday night's season premiere of The Hills, Kristin Cavallari made her presence felt early and often. Amazing what huge paychecks and scripts can do. Meanwhile, Spencer put a deposit on a house without telling his duck-lipped plastic wife. Below, The Hollywood Gossip staff reviews Kristin's first episode of MTV's long-running "reality" TV series and awards and deducts points as it sees fit ...

The last-season-in-review montage showing Lauren Conrad departing airs, with Kristin as the show's new narrator. That's cold, MTV. Minus 2.

The girls sit around, giving us the 411 on Kristin Cavallari, who they've just been informed will be on The Hills ... and will be their new friend, apparently. Hey, at least their disdain is for real. Plus 5.

Why would Spencer assume Kristin would go after Justin-Bobby, who looks homeless and by all accounts does not bathe, of all the people at the party? What about Frankie Delgado or Sleazy T? This whole scenario is ridiculous. Minus 16.

Plus 9 for the obligatory Brody Jenner shirtless and sleeveless shots, and Plus 2 more because Jayde Nicole shows no signs of Joe Francis whomping on her.

Heidi Montag says her goal in life is to keep her husband happy. Spoken like a true feminist. Cook, clean, and break out the knee pads, Heidi. Minus 5.

Kristin to Audrina: "Your sidekick is yappin' her mouth at me!" Ten seconds into the season and she already knows the role of Stephanie Pratt. Plus 4.

LMAO moment: What is Spencer wearing when he and Heidi pretend to go house hunting? Why are his jeans tucked into his boots? Minus 1.

Stacie the bartender calls Audrina a stage-five clinger. Plus 2 for Stacie's unexplained, contrived appearance on the show, and Plus 2 more for the use of Wedding Crashers quotes.

Even Kristin's voice sounds fake, like she's trying too hard to sound overly dramatic on her "date" with Justin. Minus 3.

Spencer puts a deposit down on a place without telling Heidi, who hates it. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Plus 12.

TOTAL: +9! The Hills is what it is. If you can get past how obviously staged it all is, there's still a lot of drama and entertainment value to be enjoyed.

Credit: The Hollywood Gossip

Brody Jenner & Jayde Nicole Interviews

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are still fighting over baby plans on new episodes of The Hills. But Spencer's former bro, Brody Jenner, thinks that once they decide to add a little Pratt to their clan, they will eventually make great parents. Also, Brody has heard some interesting tales about the infamous couple and is curious to see just what they are like these days.

Credit: MTV

2008 Playmate of the Year and Hills star, Jayde Nicole, calls Big J of Hot 101.9 to talk about her relationship with Brody Jenner, why he wasn't at the Kardashian wedding, and the incident between her, Brody, and Joe Francis.

Kristin Cavallari: UNITE Hottie

She’s always up to something, and last night (September 29) Kristin Cavallari was spotted hosting the UNITE Unveiled launch party.

The Laguna Beach babe looked lovely as she arrived at Skybar at Mondrian in West Hollywood to check out Gen Art’s Fresh Faces in Fashion shindig, sporting a lacy white top with a black leather skirt.

And while Kristin was playing hostess, the rest of the world was checking out the season premiere of The Hills on MTV.

From everything that’s been going around, it sounds like the new season could take the drama level of the hit reality show to new heights.

Is Kristin A Psycho? Or Just Unfairly Attacked??

Rarely are we left speechless, but that uncomfortable catfight between Audrina, Stephanie and Kristin on tonight's Hills premiere had us at a loss of words.

First thing's first. Are two beautiful girls really fighting over Justin Bobby? How the heck did he become the new Brody?

Second of all, why was everyone so tense to begin with? Sure, Stephanie instigated the verbal spat over Kristin's so-called lack of sensitivity, but every single one of those gals came to the party prepared to throw down. It's no wonder Kristin got so defensive. We're not sayin' it was cool for her to react by beating her chest and talking like Mike Tyson, but maybe these ladies could have taken a few deep breaths before declaring war on each other.

Which of the 'Hills' girls should just chill?
Kristin: The bitch is back, alright.
Audrina: Jealousy is not a good look.
Stephanie: Justin Bobby's love life is her business how?

Stephanie Pratt & Lo Bosworth: Robertson Romp

Venturing out for a day on the town, Stephanie Pratt and Lauren Bosworth were spotted making their way around Beverly Hills on Tuesday (September 29).

On the day of the reality show’s season premiere, the MTV beauties went shopping at Alice + Olivia and Sephora before sitting down to grab a bite for lunch at a local eatery.

And while season six is just getting underway, it sounds as if Stephanie is having second thoughts as far as her future on the show is concerned.

She told press: “I don’t know how much more I can take of The Hills. It is very brutal. ... It’s not because of Kristin. I was going to stay and see what happens after these 10 episodes, but I just don’t think I can stand The Hills anymore.”

In Defense Of Whitney's Yellow-Wearing Ways

When Roxy Olin was selling Whitney out to Kelly Cutrone during The City premiere, she called her fashion credibility into question, accusing Whitney of being a "plain Jane" who "wears yellow." And while we won't get into the ridiculousness of Slam #1, we will defend Whitney's choice of color.

Above, we present the gorgeous kimono-like top Whitney wore on her first day at DVF. Fashionable? Yes. And for the record, if Whitney missed the yellow-is-out memo, she's among great company. Below, check out Hills girls, Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge, plus The City's Olivia Palermo, showing off their fave lemony looks.

City Poll: Is Whitney Way Too Nice?

We could go on and on and on about Kelly Cutrone's brilliant witticisms from tonight's City premiere (e.g. "L.A. has weather, New York has life."), but the Kelly moment that really stuck with us was her warning to Whitney: "I just hope that at the end of this, everything that you do for all your friends, that they treat you as nice as you treat them."

OK, so Kelly could use a lesson in sentence structure, but the basic gist of the message makes complete sense: Nice guys sometimes get screwed, so watch your back, babe. Perhaps a little ominous foreshadowing?

We're predicting that Whitney will have her hands full with frenemies soon enough, and our advice to her is similar to Cutrone's, if not more severe: Trust no one. But what do you think? Are we being paranoid, or does Whitney truly need to start putting herself first? Take the poll and tell us your opinion: Is it time for Whit to toughen up? (Or do we need to lighten up?)

Is Whitney too nice?
Yep, girl needs to learn the art of byotchery.
No, her kindness is her best quality!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Hills Gossip & Hills Freak Live "Hills" Chat

Join me, Lindsay from The Hills Gossip, and Kelli of Hills Freak, tonight at 11:00 PM Eastern to discuss your thoughts and opinions of tonight's episodes of The Hills and The City.

Olivia Palermo: Socialite in “The City”

Enjoying a leisurely afternoon stroll, Olivia Palermo was spotted out with Johannes Huebl in the West Village of New York City on Tuesday (September 29).

The MTV reality beauty and her beau walked along hand-in-hand through the Big Apple, anxiously awaiting the season two premiere of The City airing at 9PM tonight on MTV.

Talking about the upcoming season, Olivia recently told press: “The show is definitely more workdriven now, which is cool, because I think girls want to see what happens in the fashion industry.”

“There are also new girls involved, and that gives it a little more of a dynamic. Just like New York is constantly changing, the same goes for the show,” she adds.

Stgephanie Is Leaving The Hills.. She Thinks.

There's been so much buzz surrounding Kristin Cavallari joining the show, everyone has failed to notice that the rest of the cast is slowing falling apart.

Audrina Patridge has already scored her own reality show on MTV with Mark Burnett, so where does that leave Stephanie Pratt and Lo Bosworth?

"I think Audrina, Lo and I are all going to leave after these 10 episodes," Stephanie told Hollyscoop exclusively during our Closet Raiders segment, which airs on 'Hollyscoop' TV on KTLA this Sunday night.

"I don't know how much more I can take of The Hills," added Stephanie. "The Hills is very brutal." So does the arrival of fellow castmember Kristin , aka the resident bitch, have anything to do with Stephanie's departure? "It's not because of Kristin ," she tells Hollyscoop. "I was going to stay and see what happens after these ten episodes, but I just don't think I can stand The Hills anymore."

She adds, "We've all grown up. It's not the original girls moving to LA trying to make it. Right now everyone’s fighting to be the queen or king of LA."

So is Kristin as bad as she seems on camera? Stephanie tells Hollyscoop, "It's not the question of her being that bad. Its more like is she for real?"

Stephanie may be on the show until the end of the season, but that hasn't stopped her from getting a second job. The fashion forward reality star was hired as a freelance fashion correspondent for the E! network.

What do you think of Stephanie's bombshell? The show certainly won't be the same without her. Without Lauren, Audrina, Lo and Stephanie, do you think Kristin has what it takes to carry on the entire show? Tell us your thoughts!

Credit: Hollyscoop

Kristin Talks John Mayer Rumor, Audrina Salary

Changing her story, Kristin Cavallari has gone from only meeting John Mayer “for five minutes” to having spurned his romantic advances.

The Hills hottie told Ryan Seacrest, “I just feel like I don’t need to be another notch on his belt,” during an interview on his KIIS FM radio show.

She continued, “I think he’s a really nice guy,” and when Seacrest informed her that Mayer is said to be “amazing in the bedroom,” Kristen reconsidered, “I’ve heard that. Maybe I should give him a phone call!”

Another topic of conversation was the rumor that Audrina Patridge makes more money ($100,000 per episode) than Cavallari ($90,000 per episode), something Kristin says is inaccurate. “Well, I can tell you that’s not true ... that she makes more money.”

Credit: Celebrity Gossip

To listen to Kristin's interview - which Brody Jenner is also a part of - with Ryan Seacrest, click here.

Spencer Pratt Asserts His Fame

He’s never been one to keep his mouth shut, and with the advent of the Khloe Kardashian wedding and Kourtney Kardashian's pregnancy, Spencer Pratt has something to say.

The Hills character told press, “Speidi is Barack and Michelle famous, not Kardashian famous!” He continued, “The fact that USA Today said we’re the third most famous couple in the world after Brangelina and The Obamas is amazing. I don’t care what people say about me. It’s cool.”

Pratt also claimed that the reason Lauren Conrad left the popular MTV reality show was that he and his wife were becoming more famous.

“Speidi was getting more famous than her. Her ego ruined her life and her career—I pray for her every day and we’d all love for her to come back to The Hills when she realizes her move didn’t work.”

Credit: Celebrity Gossip