Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Stephanie Pratt: Bikini Beach Babe

Still living it up in southern Florida, Stephanie Pratt practiced up on her beach volleyball skills in Miami on Tuesday afternoon (June 30).

Taking to the beach with a few friends, the MTV reality starlet donned a skimpy pink bikini as she displayed her athletic prowess while doing her best to keep her top from falling off.

Keeping active on her Twitter account, as well, Miss Pratt wrote, “So tired! Just went for a swim and played volleyball and soccer in the miami heat!”

As previously reported, Stephanie spent her weekend in the sunshine state enjoying time with friends and checking out a private screening of “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”.

Credit: Celebrity Gossip

New Speidi Wedding Photos

To see all of the pictures including the decor, cake, and guests (such as Perez Hilton and Holly Montag), by Feather Love Photography, click here.

Backstage at Chelsea Lately

LaurenConrad "I'm wearing all the friendship bracelets I got on my book tour on Chelsea Lately tonight. Fancy!!" 10 minutes ago from Twitterberry

Lauren's episode of Chelsea Lately airs tonight at 11pm eastern on E!

Hills Poll: Was Holly Montag Born To Be Wild!?

We’ve seen Holly Montag go girly for Speidi’s wedding, au naturale (sans makeup, not sans clothes!) for Costa Rica and even a little Indiana Jones for photogs! But does girl have a rebellious streak at all? You’d better believe it. Lately, at event after event, Holly’s been showing up rockin’ metallic minis, black leather and smoky, don’t-eff-with-me-eyes. And as much as we loved the soft, peach-colored gown she wore to The Hills: Season 4 finale, we gotta admit she looks happiest when she’s dressed LIKE A TOTAL ROCK STAR!

+ Like Holly better as a good girl, or are you all about her dark side? Peep these pix of the “secret” wild child (she IS a Montag, after all!) and tell us whether you think she’s prettier in pastels — or smokin’ hot in shiny, black leather!

You tell us: What's Holly Montag's best look?
Feminine, but conservative. Pastels really bring out her delicate features!
Rocker chic. What can we say? Girl was made for metallic miniskirts.
She pulls them BOTH off fabulously!

Hollywood Hotties: Ready for Bikini Season

As bikini season hits full stride, the stars of Hollywood are gearing up for another year to show off the fit figures and buff bods.

Logging long hours in the gym year-round, some of the the ladies who’ve been regulars on the sandy shorelines include reality stars like Audrina Patridge, Lauren Conrad, and Kristin Cavallari.

Not ones to shy away from showing a little skin, Hollywood beauties like Carmen Electra, Pink, Ali Larter and Ashley Tisdale are also among those known to enjoy a little fun in the sun.

Meanwhile, the celebrity world has also jumped in on the production of new swimwear – with the likes of Jessica Simpson and Heidi Montag each trying their hand at creating the ideal swimsuit.

Credit: Celebrity Gossip

This is Audrina's cover shoot and interview for the July issue of 944 Magazine. She talks about her love for tight jeans, her new "spicier" TV show, dating in Hollywood, and more!

Lauren Shops at Diane Von Furstenburg

Lauren Conrad was spotted coming out of the Diane Von Furstenburg store Monday afternoon in Los Angeles.

Lauren can be seen next on the July cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine. She'll also be appearing on E!'s Chelsea Lately tonight (June 30)!

It was recently reported that Whitney showed support for Lauren by buying her novel.. and now here we see Lauren buying some DVF merchadise. Maybe she's just returning the favor!

Whitney Port Models For Women's Health

The City star turns model for Women’s Health’s July/August issue in a colorful fashion spread showing off the boldest colors for the summer. Whitney Port modeled luxe looks from Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Philosphy di Alberta Ferretti and Vera Wang mixed with more affordable labels like Splendid, Club Monaco, and Forever 21. A style mix is something the former L.A. girl is familiar with, describing her style to Women’s Health as " a mix of West Coast and East Coast styles, with a little vintage flair. I also use lots of colors.”

Going from the Hills to The City isn’t easy, but Whitney definitely brings some of her L.A. cool to New York and her downtown chic back to West Coast. But how can you spice up your look like Whitney? The reality star says, “People get in a rut wearing the same thing day after day. It’s important to try something new — even if it’s just adding pop with a vivid top.” We love color for summer and will definitely be taking Whitney’s advice! Check out more at womenshealthmag.com.

Credit: StyleWatch

Olivia at Jodi Della Femina Book Release

Olivia Palermo showed up to the Jodi Della Femina book release party for 'By Invitation Only' at the Vera Wang Bridal House yesterday, June 29, in New York, New York.

She was looking stylish, as usual, in a black capri pants suit with matching beige scarf and heels.. and is it just me or does her hair look lighter?

Adam Senn - Monsieur Figaro Editorial

Monday, June 29, 2009

Lauren on Chelsea Lately Tomorrow

Lauren will be appearing on Chelsea Lately tomorrow night, June 30th. Chelsea had this to say about it, "Lauren Conrad wrote a book—stay with me people—called L.A. Candy and is here to tell us all about it." This should be interesting. Don't forget to tune in or TiVo!

Lo: The Artist

Lo posted this picture on her Twitter and I've got to say, it's not too shabby!

LoBosworth "from class today: my very first painting. EVER! eeeeek" about 2 hours ago from TwitPic

When asked why she chose that particular scene, she said simply, "i like my boats."

Really Lo? Your first painting? Laguna High didn't offer Art 101? Your parents didn't let you finger paint as a child? Well, either way, bravo!

Erin Lucas: Single And Lovin’ It, Or Taken And Totally Confused?

Erin Lucas has repeatedly said she’s not ready to settle down with one dude just yet … so what’s up with her supposed spring fling going into overtime? While girl’s been raving about being single lately, she sez she’s “holding true” to her “three guy” rule!), she’s also been spotted everywhere with her hot, pseudo-squeeze, Patrick Cabido.

Sound confusing? Well, it is! ‘Specially since she and Patrick, who made the rounds at a Hamptons mag party last weekend, always seem to be looking ridonculously cute and coupley. Note to Erin: If you happen to be secretly and madly in love with this Patrick fella, there’s truly NO shame in coming out. Guy looks 10x cooler than Duncan!

Credit: MTV Remote Control

Spotted: Lauren & Kyle

Lauren Conrad and her boyfriend, Kyle Howard, was spotted poolside at the Thompson Hotel in L.A. Sunday (June 28). In typical Lauren style, she wore her shirt over her bathing suit.

We could tell, however, that she and her man wore matching hot pink swimwear. Why bother matching if you're not gonna show it off?

Meet Freddie Fackelmayer, Jay’s Replacement on The City

Photo Credit: Facebook

According to a Page 6 article, Freddy Fackelmayer, a commercial real estate agent, will be Whitney's love interest for the upcoming season. Could it be a match made in reality TV heaven? Whit was said to be cuddling with him at Lily Pond (picture below) over the weekend.

However, upon reading the Page 6 article, a source called to say, "The whole thing is fake. She had a little housewarming get-together on Thursday night and Freddie wasn't there." Friends of Fackelmayer insist the relationship is legit and confirm the recent canoodling in the Hamptons.

Later that night (Thursday), Port went to 1Oak for a Michael Jackson tribute, where she was spotted sucking face with - guess who - Jay Lyon.

VIDEO: DOSE Backstage at the MMVA

L.A. Candy - The Reviews Are In

It's official. The world - for the most part - loves Lauren Conrad's first novel, L.A. Candy. Since it's debut on June 16th, it has remained in the Top 100 Best Sellers List on Amazon.com; it is now holding steady at #53.

Although it is not at the top of the Best Sellers List,(yet), Amazon does report that it is #1 in several smaller - but no less notable - categories:

#1 in Books > Children's Books > People & Places > Social Situations
#1 in Books > Children's Books > Issues > Friendship > Fiction
#1 in
Books > Children's Books > People & Places > Girls & Women > Fiction

L.A. Candy is also working it's way to the top of USA Today's best selling book where it resides at an impressive #17!

VIDEO: Is Audrina Patridge Stealing Paris Hilton’s Swagga?

At first glance, doe-eyed Hillzie Audrina Patridge and paparazzi queen Paris Hilton don’t seem that much alike. But get past all those superficial differences — i.e. blond/brunette, billionaire/millionaire, hates The Hills/on The Hills — and you’ll see that these MTV vets actually have loads in common! (Likd starring in slasher flicks, dating reality TV goobers, and showing off their buns for Carl's Jr. So is it a total coincidence, or is ‘Drina trying to become the next P. Hilton?! Watch this MTV News vid (courtesy of our friends at Hollywood Crush), then you decide!

Lauren's Myspace Blog

Current mood: excited

"Yeah! I just heard I have been nominated for a Teen Choice 2009 Award in the following category: Choice TV: Female Reality/Variety Star (The Hills)."

You can vote for all your favs on their website:

The show will air on August 10th 8/7pm on FOX.

Lo at a 2009 BET Awards Party

Photo Credit: Jamd

Lo was seen out at Sean "Diddy" Combs & Ciroc Vodka's BET Awards Party at MyHouse Nightclub this past Saturday night. She was looking casual in a flowered shirt, black skinny-jeans, and some black pumps.

Holly at a 2009 BET Awards Party

Photo Credit: Jamd

Holly Montag was spotted hitting the red carpet at Sean "Diddy" Combs & Ciroc Vodka's 2009 BET Awards Party July 27, 2009 at MyHouse nightclub in Hollywood. She was wearing a simple black dress with silver belt and matching heels. Um.. Holly, you l
ook great but we think you should work on your red carpet poses.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Introducing: Bitsy Speidi

Bitsy Speidi is a new rap group who have just released this AMAZING video making fun of Spencer Pratt and his wife, Heidi Montag.

This song is bound to be a hit. It says everything we've been thinking for years now - to a catchy tune!

Whitney Shows Support For Lauren

Photo Credit: MTV: The Hills

Whitney Port showed some support for former cast mate, Lauren Conrad today by getting herself a copy of the new writer's book. She posted the following message on Twitter:

WhitneyEVE On my way to barnes & noble to buy LA Candy!!!!! about 1 hour ago f

Literary Superstar Calls The Hills 'Genius'

It's not just us teens and twenty somethings that like The Hills, intelligent middle-aged men like The Hills, too! Bret Ellis is the acclaimed author of Less Than Zero who was has been called a literary superstar since he was twenty.

Ellis is now working on the sequel to Less Than Zero which is tentatively titled Imperial Bedrooms. He recently was interviewed by a high-end, Amsterdam-based magazine, Fantastic Man - which, by the way, is $11 per issue.
To our great surprise and delight, Ellis called The Hills, "the greatest show that I have ever seen in my life" and thinks it is genius! Here is an excerpt from the interview:

"I think THE HILLS is the greatest show I have ever seen in my life," he says, sincerely. "It is a modern masterpiece. I think that ADAM DeVILLO is a mad genius. He creates it and controls it perfectly." Mr. ELLIS is very specific about the way he watches THE HILLS. "I'm holding off on Season 4 right now. I started watching a bit of it, but I'm waiting until the DVD comes out because I want to see it all so beautifully mastered. Even if you download the show there is that irritating MTV logo in the corner. It doesn't work for me that way. It has to be on a big screen with the sound right up. It blows me away...I'm sorry, but whoever invented HEIDI MONTAG and SPENCER PRATT are just...nothing matches it. I've never see L.A. look more beautiful in a work of art. There are no movies that are as beautiful as that."
Defamer describes The Hills as a tame, boring drug-less version of Ellis' book Less Than Zero and wonders, was Less Than Zero the predecessor to The Hills? Do we blame Ellis for Speidi? I think I need to get a hold of this book! And can they make it into a movie please?

Or has Ellis just been in Amsterdam a wee bit too long - if you know what I mean? The world will never know. For now we will just have to be content with a 'literary superstar' seeing the genius that we all knew was there in our beloved Hills.


David Katzenberg was spotted out in L.A. earlier today looking very reminicent of Brody Jenner a few days ago at the Much Music Video Awards.

What do you think?
Yes, with a little shape-up David could be Brody's twin!
No way, David wishes he was as hot as Brody!

Jonah Hill emulates Spencer Pratt in the June issue of Harper's Bazaar. He had this to say about imitating Spencer,

"Shopping is my life. My life is shopping. If Kitson became a country, I would pack up my belongings, move there, and apply for citizenship. It's like, I can't go to a club with my lady and walk down a red carpet without the paparazzi snapping away. It's a nightmare."

Is there a resemblance between Jonah and Spencer?
Yea sure, they are both a little creepy looking.
No! And if I was Jonah, I would be insulted!

Photo Credit: ZackTaylor.ca

Teen Choice Awards '09

Just a reminder: The 2009 Teen Choice Awards is Monday, August 10th at 8pm eastern on FOX. Don't forget to vote for The Hills(TV: Reality), Brody(TV: Male Reality Star), Lauren(TV: Female Reality Star), and Spencer(TV: Villian) - they are all 3 nominated in different categories. Bring on the surf boards!

Is Speidi Rebelling?

Does anyone think that tweeting more than once every hour could mean that you have a problem? In the last 24 hours, Heidi Montag has posted 36 tweets -31 of which were God-related. The 5 that were not were to Miley Cyrus. Her husband, the infamous Spencer Pratt, has posted 23. Is this just normal Speidi behavior or could this be a rebellion against the Speidibans?

It all started with an E! Online poll in which 94% of viewers voted to cease all coverage of the twosome's shameless, self-promoting. Network executives say they will no longer cover "the misadventures of Speidi until the pair does something truly newsworthy."

Newsworthy.. what could Speidi possibly do that I would care about? According to Suzanne Kolb, general manager of E! Online, "If her album went to No. 1, that would be a newsworthy thing. If they were to become parents, we'd see that as worth noting. If something did happen to them, physically, we'd probably cover that." Well, I don't think we will have to worry about Heidi's album going No.1. Have you heard it, Mrs. Kolb?

"It was just a question of overexposure and wondering how much of the news about them was truly news or contrived. It just started to feel as if they had maybe jumped a shark in the past couple of weeks and it might be time to just take a rest," Kolb told the Daily News. "It wasn't really one particular instance, it just seemed like they'd reached a point where they crossed a line in the interest level of our audience."

The couples' rep told the Daily News that the duo was unable to comment on the story, as they were in Costa Rica, but "it's not worth a comment." But Speidi, if you comment, you will get some publicity, and isn't that your reason for living?

Since E! Online has confirmed the ban, several other online sites have chosen to do the same. Come on, Twitter, what are you waiting for?

Jayde's New Classy Pic

Jayde Nicole has tired of prolonging her 4 month old feud with Audrina Patridge - at least temporarily. She just posted this picture on her Twitter page with the following message:

"EXCLUSIVE photo for my Twitter fans from a shoot with @glamsquadTBS & Josh Ryan.Can't wait 2 shoot with u guys again" about 2 hrs ago from Twitterberry

And I thought she only used Twitter to post pictures of the strange-looking food she eats and try to draw more negative attention to herself. Silly me!

Audrina 'Dress My Nest' Clip

Watch Audrina's patio get spiced up by Thom Filicia on the Dress My Nest fourth season finale! For scheduled air times click here.

Kristin Cavallari Heads To College For ‘Van Wilder: Freshman Year’

She may be heading for The Hills, but before she does that Kristin Cavallari will be getting some higher education for the direct-to-video movie, Van Wilder: Freshman Year.

The original - starring Ryan Reynolds and Tara Reid - was a surprise hit when it premiered back in 2002, and since then we’ve seen a steady stream of sequels. Freshman Year takes us back to when Van was a newbie to the campus, and features Cavallari at the center of a love triangle. Watch her dish on her role as well as seeing footage from the flick in the video below; “Van Wilder: Freshman Year” will hit store shelves on July 14.

Pure Heaven is holding a contest for its visitors. Enter to win one of 3 copies of the DVD, by answering the following question and sending your answers to pureheaven85@gmail.com:

Do you think that it was a good idea to bring Kristin to The Hills? Yes or No? and Why?

The contest ends July 5th and the winner will be selected after that date. Pure Heaven will pick the 3 most original answers and those 3 people will win the DVDs :)

The Youngs Will Destroy the Hills They Created

And you thought all teens and twentysomethings were shallow wastoids. Turns out they hate The Hills and other muck. At least execs at MTV are hoping that's true, as they've just completely restructured based on that assumption.

See, the youth network has been slipping some in the ratings the past two years, as generations shift and get older, and once-boffo programming like the aforementioned Hills start to get creaky and stale. Though head of programming Tony DiSanto, who's spearheading this overhaul, served as an executive producer on both The Hills and its predecessor Laguna Beach, he recognizes that tastes change pretty rapidly, and that the cinematic forgery of the Hills genre is losing all of its clout because kids know it's not, well, real:

"While most of that stems from the aging of such stalwarts as The Hills and the dearth of big new hits, some of the slippage can be attributed to the generational shift of MTV viewers, with the channel's brass focusing on the new teens and twentysomethings, "the millennials."

DiSanto called them "the transparent generation" and said MTV's development is being altered to appeal to them. "They don't want to see a reality show that feels produced or is film-like," he said. "It's got to be real, authentic."

He points to the recently premiered "16 and Pregnant" as an example of the type of unscripted fare that MTV is now after and touts it as one series that could fuel a turnaround.

While we've not seen 16 and Pregnant, we assume it hews closer to the network's excellent True Life series (each installment of which is pitched and produced by independent production companies) than it does to, say, a show about rich pseudo-celebrities teetering around in expensive clothes, like The City.

So, minor cultural boom over? Has the Hills era seen the last of its glory days? Let's hope so. You kids might be smarter than everyone thought. Well, if not smarter, at least fickle in the right ways. Lauren Conrad, you got out just in time.

Credit: Defamer