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Jayde Nicole's Rep Releases Statement

Joe Francis claims he was sucker punched. But Jayde Nicole insists it's Francis who prefers to take the cheap shots.

"Jayde Nicole was the victim of a violent assault when she was attacked from behind, thrown down to the ground by her hair and beaten in the face and body in front of multiple witnesses by a person identified as Joe Francis," her rep, Jerry Shandrew, said in a statement Monday.

Shandrew says that Nicole will not be talking too much while authorities investigate the rumble that occureed early Friday between Francis, Nicole and her boyfriend, Brody Jenner, outside a Hollywood club. Instead, they'd rather the police be the ones making all the noise.

Noting that Nicole filed a police report immediately afterward and has been cooperating with the cops, Shandrew added, "Because of the ongoing criminal investigation of Mr. Francis, it will be inappropriate to comment further at this time out of respect for the law enforcement process."

Of course, Nicole's version of the story couldn't be any different from Francis', as he has admitted to maybe a bit of hair pulling and denied everything else. Francis maintains Nicole poured a drink on him inside Guys and Dolls that night, and, in turning around, he may have grabbed her hair. He also insists that video will back up his story.

He told E! News Friday that, after security had helped him get outside, it was an unprovoked Jenner who hit him in the face. "He coldcocked me," Francis said. He threatened legal action against Jenner afterward for accusing him via Twitter of beating on Nicole.

But Nicole's rep also says there is photographic and video evidence of Francis attacking her, not to mention hospital records of her injuries.

"It is the hope of those who love and care about Jayde that Mr. Francis will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law," Shandrew said.

Los Angeles Sheriff's Lt. LaJuana Haselrig confirmed to E! News Friday that a report had been filed and the incident was under investigation. "Nothing can be determined until the investigators get the report and can review it," she said. "Right now we only have bits and pieces of it."

A U.S. Attorney's Office rep said it was too soon to tell whether the incident could land Francis back in jail while he awaits the Oct. 14 start of his trial on federal tax-evasion charges.

Credit: E! Online

In conclusion I'd like to take the time out to say that I personally think that alcohol is the culprit. If alcohol hadn't been involved that night, I highly doubt there would have been a confrontation of any kind, let alone a violent one. Instead of trying to be bad asses try and have fun!

Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt: Vegas Partiers

Spending the weekend together in Sin City, Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt made a stop at Rogue for a “DJ Hero” party on Sunday evening (August 30).

According to a source on the scene, Paris happily posed with the new video game hardware, which received design help from the late DJ AM, before the newly rekindled couple headed off to Body English at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino for an appearance.

Joe Francis' Ex Tells All About Thursday's Fight

Abbey Wilson, the model at the center of the alleged nightclub fight between Joe Francis and Jayde Nicole, gave Radar Online her account of what happened.

“Brody, Jayde and myself, had a separate table inside the club and Joe was sat at his own private one away from us too," she said of the beginning of the evening. “At first he approached our table and there was a history of ‘bad blood’ between him and Brody so we asked security to tell him to leave us alone."

“Later in the evening I was standing at the bar alongside Jayde and Brody when Joe Francis approached me and pushed his body toward me and forcefully made me kiss him on the face."

“As I tried to get away from him Jayde intervened and (Francis) grabbed her hair and she fell backwards. I’m not sure if a drink was poured over him though. The next thing a whole bunch of people surrounded us and I couldn’t see any actual physical attacks."

“In the time I was with Joe he was never violent towards me but I had never seen him act in this way before... he did not act in a calm or rational fashion,“ she continued. "Joe texted me yesterday saying that I was banned from various clubs and restaurants in town but I at this point just want him to leave me alone."

After the incident Wilson answered a few questions for police.

Credit: Radar Online

Audrina: 'Heidi's Singing Career 'Disappointing''

She may be all for supporting her friends on The Hills, but when it comes to cheering on the budding musical career of Heidi Montag, Audrina Patridge isn't exactly her costar's No. 1 fan.

"I feel like Heidi, you know, she's doing it for fun, where a lot of singers and people, they work their ass off, and they actually have amazing voices and they can really sing and perform, and I feel like a lot of people don't get to experience what Heidi has, going on in front of a billion people and perform on TV," Patridge told PEOPLE while promoting her new movie Sorority Row over the weekend. "I just don't think she's taking it that serious, and that's what's kind of disappointing for me, for music lovers out there."

But the 24-year-old beauty – who says Montag's Miss Universe performance was "very Britney Spears-like" – has plenty of positive opinions about her own foray away from reality TV and into acting for the silver screen.

"On the movie, I went to my acting coach twice a week and I memorized all the lines," she says of appearing with Rumer Willis in the slasher flick Sorority Row. "On The Hills, you show up for an hour and say what you want then leave."

Of course, embracing the Hollywood life also means having to deal with some fairly outlandish rumors about herself.

"[They say] that I was pregnant. Another one, that I got a nose job, that I got a chin job, cheek implants, I mean my whole face," she says of false reports about herself. "You know sometimes, when they stick a video camera in your face and they try to provoke you with questions that are just really … sometimes I get like, 'What are you talking about?' But I'm very lighthearted and I just try not to take things too serious."

Credit: People

ATTENTION: Jayde Nicole Wants Your Pity!

Playboy Playmate of the Year Jayde Nicole is on the mend. The Canadian beauty, who claims to have been involved in a physical altercation with Girls Gone Wild kingpin Joe Francis at West Hollywood, California nightspot last Thursday, left a series of messages on her Twitter page over the weekend detailing her recovery.

On Saturday, the 23-year-old wrote: "Sorry for not twittering lately.. it has been a crazy couple of days. Watching football at home with the boy...resting and trying to recover." Nicole even included a link to story regarding the incident!

On Sunday, she wrote: "layin in bed with ice everywhere. Thankfully I have the best boyfriend ever to take care of me and GoYin to help heal!!," followed by: "Just ordered my groceries with, they deliver 2 u when u can't go get them your self. Doesn't have EVERYTHING but it's pretty good."

Later that night, she was captivated by the boob tube, where she asked her Twitter followers, "I am watching True Blood.. what do you guys think of this show?"

Credit: Radar Online

Brody has stayed pretty much silent since the incident besides the few early morning tweets directly after the fight. And they were rumored to have been from Jayde.

Current standings in our poll:

Team Jayde Nicole - Joe exploits girls, so why wouldnt he hit a girl? 27%
Team Joe Francis - Jayde would be pressing charges if her story was legit. 73%

To take the poll now, and put in your two cents, click here.

Audrina Patridge Set to Leave The Hills

The Hills just doesn't feel like The Hills without Lauren Conrad.

The Hills is really not The Hills without LC and Audrina Patridge.

Just the same, the reality star says she's just about outta there.

"I'm almost done with The Hills. We are currently in the middle of finishing the episodes for this fall, and I'll be leaving then," the 24-year-old revealed at a press event for her new thriller Sorority Row Sunday in Los Angeles.

"It feels like I'm graduating," the girlfriend of Corey Bohan added. "I'm taking the next step and growing up and maturing and moving on in my life."

We can't wait to see what career endeavors await this hottie.

Audrina, who is developing her own reality show with Survivor producer Mark Burnett - said she would like to pursue acting as well as reality TV projects.

"I moved to L.A. to be an actress, and before The Hills, I was going to auditions and working at [film studios] Quixote and Smashbox," Patridge said.

She credits The Hills with helping her be "comfortable in front of the cameras." But most likely she got tired of being manipulated by producers, like LC.

"It’s helped me a lot going to auditions and sitting in front of the camera," Audrina Patridge said. "Blocking the camera out, just getting into character."

Getting into character. On a "reality" show.

The new season of The Hills, now starring Kristin Cavallari and featuring more contrived romances and feuds than ever, premieres September 29 on MTV.

Credit: The Hollywood Gossip

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt: Lunch Fight?

Enjoying a delicious meal together, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were spotted out at a Los Angeles restaurant yesterday afternoon (August 30).

Joined by a guy pal, the Hills hotties looked to be in a bit of a tiff as Spencer displayed an angry face and waved his arms around while arguing loudly.

Perhaps they were talking about having kids, as Stephanie Pratt recently told press that Heidi is ready for babies, while Spencer is not.

“Heidi is the one with the baby fever; Spencer is not. Here’s the deal: Basically, Heidi got married; [then] she’s like, ‘Oh my God, what do I do?’” she explained. “I really feel like she went to a bookstore and saw ‘Newlyweds: The Wife’s Edition,’ and so now she’s like, ‘I still want to get a house with a white picket fence… and then probably a dog, and then we’ll move on to kids. And I want to take cooking lessons.’”

Credit: Celebrity Gossip

Heidi Montag Producer: 'She's A Born Star'

Famed producer RedOne — who worked on Heidi Montag's new single "Fashion" (listen to it here) — spoke to about her latest song and upcoming plans to release an album.

Us: Tell Us about "Fashion."
It sounds amazing. The song is all about fashion and all about her - shopping, clothes, her whole aura. She's really taken it to the next level.... We are working on more [songs], and it's crazy, shocking stuff that will surprise everybody.

So you wrote "Fashion?"
Yes. I'm writing and producing her whole album. We are going to do it big. She finally found someone she connected with — me. It's all about the connection. When it doesn't work with an artist, it doesn't work. With her, it's perfect. You can tell in the music that we connect.

Can Heidi sing?
Definitely. She's really good, and I love her personality and the way it comes through in a song. She makes you believe it. She's great in the studio.

What does Spencer do in the studio?
He just chills - he loves listening to her.

Will she sign to a label soon?
We don't want to talk about that yet. We have offers and big things, but [we're] taking our time. The label is the easiest part. Once you find the right music, it's over!

Where do you see her career going?
I definitely think she's a star. She has a star quality — a powerful personality with no limits. She can do anything and make it sound credible. She's a born star.

Credit: US Magazine

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lauren's Blog: Win a $1,000 Kohl's Gift Card

Shape Magazine is offering a change to win a $1,000 gift card to buy your favorite LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's separates.

Enter now for your chance to win and good luck!

Audrina Patridge Talks Corey, Her Show, Movie

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kristin Cavallari: Her Day Look vs Her Night Look

Reality star Kristin Cavallari seen leaving the Neil George Salon in Beverly Hills, CA. When Kristin got back to her car she had received a parking citation. I think it was a ticket for excessive salon visits.

Credit: Zimbio


Kristin Cavallari: Someone Had A Rough Night

Kristin Cavallari attended Fred Segal's birthday charity event and auction at a Private Residence on August 29, 2009 in Malibu, California. Judging by the pictures, she's either had too much to drink or not enough sleep!

Jayde Nicole: Victim or Drama Queen?

He may be guilty of entertaining us with topless girls on Spring Break but the more we hear about Thursday night's supposed altercation at Guys and Dolls between Joe Francis and Brody Jenner's girlfriend, the more we are starting to believe that Mr. Francis is 100% innocent!

A very reliable source who was inside the club that night tells X17online exclusively:

"Jayde's story is totally false. Joe went up to a mutual friend (Abbey Wilson - I am assuming - who Francis used to date - pictured below) to say hello and Jayde freaked out for some reason (most likely because Brody Jenner's BFF, Taylor Mosher aka Sleezy T, is in the beginning stages of a relationship with Abbey) and threw a drink in Joe's face. He was blinded by the alcohol in his eyes and turned around to see who had thrown the drink. Literally, his pinky finger got caught in Jayde's hair and she turned it into 'Joe pulling her hair, knocking her to the ground, and kicking her.' She is an absolute drama queen and should probably lay off the liquor when she goes out at night."

Dayum! But seriously, guys.. if you've ever watched The Hills, you know Jayde's a drama queen when it comes to being possesive of Brody and apparently she's the same with her girlfriends (which by the way, Abbey may or may not have been her friend before she started dating Mosher, this was probably more or her standing up for him - maybe wanting to be some sort of hero for throwing a drink at her ex..??).

The source tells us..

"I've seen the security tape from the club and it completely backs up Joe's story. That is why Jayde isn't pressing charges - there's nothing to press charges for! And there's no evidence backing up her story."

And really, if she were so upset about what happened, why'd she hang out outside the club just afterward and give an interview to cameraman who convieniently happened to be in the right place at the right time?

Credit: X17Online

Let us know, who's side are you on?
Team Jayde Nicole - Joe exploits girls, so why wouldnt he hit a girl?
Team Joe Francis - Jayde would be pressing charges if her story was legit.

Lauren Conrad: Out In LA

Lauren Conrad was spotted in Hollywood on Thursday, and the reality TV starlet/fashion designer looked to be super busy as photographers snapped away.

Stephanie & Audrina Do Lunch In Venice, CA

Audrina Patridge and Stephanie Pratt filmed episodes for the upcoming season of The Hills in Venice yesterday, August 28th.

StephaniePratt "My style in Venice today- crop top and jean shorts haha" 2:01PM August 28th from Twitterberry

Next up for Stephanie is a visit to San Fransisco this weekend, and Audrina will be at a press junket to promote her new film, Sorority Row.

OfficialAudrina "press junket weekend for sorority row!!" about 8 hours ago from mobile web

Kristin Cavallari: Malibu Beach Babe

Sporting a sexy bathing suit, Kristin Cavallari took to Malibu Beach to film scenes for her upcoming season of The Hills.

The blond Cali girl sported a trendy black tankini while laughing, texting, and shooting scenes with Stacie Hall (the bartender from last season), who now has a solid supporting role.

And as previously reported, The Hills has moved from Monday night to Tuesday night and premieres Tuesday, September 29 at 10 pm, followed by Whitney Port’s The City.

MTV’s senior vice president, Liz Gateley, is excited that Kristin is back, telling, “She is the same Kristin we know and love — not afraid to mix things up. Her presence has really changed every dynamic within the cast, especially with Audrina [Patridge] and Justin Bobby.”

Credit: Celebrity Gossip

Friday, August 28, 2009

Olivia Palermo: US Open Player Party Gal

Olivia Palermo and her boyfriend, Johannes Huebl, attended the U.S. Open Player Party presented by Heineken at Skyline Studios on August 28, 2009 in New York City.

Olivia stepped away from her hottie boyfriend for a bit to pose for some pictures with tennis player, James Blake.

Heidi Montag: Dumb as Rocks

During an interview for MTV, Heidi Montag talks about the songs on her album which are "like a group of rocks. They're all rocks, but they're so different."

She also says that 'No More' is about a friendship (with Lauren) where she was treated badly (oh, you poor, poor thing!) and blamed for things she didn't do (sex tape rumor that Spencer has taken responsibility for)... Keep beating that dead horse, Heidi.

Credit: MTV News


Spencer Takes Aim at Anderson and Aubrey for Trashing Heidi

Earlier this week, Cooper, 42, called Heidi's recent Miss Universe performance a "fresh new way to embarrass herself." He also said he was baffled why she thanked God after her performance. "If God had the time to work on this production, if this is the best God can do, then we're all in trouble," he sniped. Spencer, 26, tells he doesn't get why the anchor went after his new wife.

"Between health care, the CIA interrogation techniques and the economy, I think it's funny how the Silver Coyote spent four minutes discussing someone who he claims to not know exists," he tells Us, adding that Cooper is "trying to get a piece of Speidi's fame."

Adds Spencer, "It's our pleasure to help out anyone whose ratings are in need. We appreciate every second people spend talking about the greatest performance in the history of television, which over a billion people saw."Heidi, 22, also took heat from O'Day, 25, who told MTV News earlier this week that her Playboy photos were hotter.

But O'Day tells Us she is not trying to stir drama. "You know, I was asked whose Playboy was better, and I said mine," she tells Us. "I believe Playboy has a poll up on their website asking whose is better, and I'm winning."

Spencer's reply? "Who is Aubrey O’Day?"

Credit: US Magazine

Compilation Of Joe VS Brody Articles

Joe Francis: I Would Never Hit A Woman

"This was an unprovoked attack. The security-camera footage pretty much confirms my account of the events entirely. I was talking with a friend of mine. I got punched in the back and then all of a sudden, (Nicole) poured a drink, and then a glass hits me in the head... I wanted to turn her head around. I grabbed her hair, and the next thing I know, my shirt's being ripped. I'm punched in the face. I go into the submissive ball until the whole thing gets settled down." Francis says.

According to Francis, both men were escorted from the club when he suddenly found himself knocked out: "(Suddenly) I was on the ground, so I don't remember the punch, but (Brody) punched me. By the time I came to, I was being helped up and (club security) were chasing Brody around the parking lot. And they Tased him to bring him down to the ground... and then three guys jump on him, and then I sped away. It's all captured on video."

The 36 year old is so furious over the recent attack, he's considering taking legal action: "I have some injuries. I'm considering all options right now. My jaw is swollen. I have cuts and bruises all over my body. I'm pretty angry." He also insisted it isn't the first time he has clashed with Jenner: "This is the second time this guy has attacked me. He attacked me once before in a nightclub. It was in March of this year."

"This kid runs around Hollywood. His whole thing is to try and be famous. I would never hit a girl in my life, and the footage proves that."

Credit: MTV


Confirmed: Joe Francis Hit Jayde Nicole

Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis as been banned from celebrity hotspot Guys And Dolls after he beat up Brody Jenner’s Playboy Playmate girlfriend Jayde Nicole.

“I witnessed the whole incident and I can confirm that it did take place," Guys And Dolls Manager Chris Kasteler told “Joe Francis will probably not be allowed in here again but I can’t comment on anybody else involved.”

Eyewitnesses at the club claim that Francis went berserk and punched the model in the face, kicking her after she threw a drink on him because he was pestering one of her friends. Watch the video of Jayde, post-attack.

Jenner then tried to intervene but the club’s security ejected both men from the club and the altercation carried-on outside.

On Friday, Francis did not show-up at the Santa Monica office of his company Mantra Films. The incident occurred in the early morning hours.

An assistant at the office told “We don’t know if Joe will be in today but we have been inundated with calls and have been told not to comment to the media.”

Credit: Radar Online


Joe vs Brody: The Truth Revealed

According to a reliable source, Jayde Nicole's drama-inducing tendencies may have caused last night's incident involving her man, Brody Jenner, and Joe Francis!

While Joe was talking to one of her friends, Jayde became enraged, threw a drink and glass at him while trying to stir Brody up for a fight.

The situation escalated to the point that she "fell," although she claims that he pushed her.

Friends close to both parties believe that Jayde has a vendetta against Joe and wouldn't put anything past her! They even believe she's behind Brody's denouncing tweets!

Plus, she's reportedly no longer pressing charges!!!

Credit: Perez Hilton