Sunday, December 12, 2010

a not-a-self-portrait portrait

I will be dead honest: I could never ever be one of those bloggers who daily post photos of themselves. Because I think I'm kind of funny looking and am starting to think my hair looks really odd in photos and maybe I should change it up a bit...just not sure how I'd want to yet. Also I think I prefer to be behind the camera but sometimes it's hard to take the photo you want without help. Here I am with my dog Nasdaq in Brooklyn. I'm wearing my Rag & Bone shorts that I love except that they are a bit big so I tend to pull them up a bit. I'm wearing re.Uzz leggings made out of recycled cashmere sweaters so that keeps the shorts from falling down too much. The sweater is cashmere as well and I found it at this crazy place in Queens where there are literally mounds of clothes and it costs $20 per bag of clothes no matter the items. The holes were in the sweater when I found it but it was a mint green so I dyed it. The jacket is by Silence & Noise from Urban Outfitters and boots by Nine West. Anyways, even though it rained today I appreciated the mild temperatures because it's supposed to get cold again later this week. So happy Sunday!

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