Monday, May 23, 2011

We interrupt this program for a little shopping

Yeah, it says it on the right banner, I know. But I wanted to post this on the blog because some people just read it via email or a feed. So, if you're in NYC this Wednesday stop by EVA NYC! If you read this you know I'm a huge fan of Stephanie Pappas's boutique and that it carries great indie designers that I've also featured like Katie Gallagher, Mandy Coon and Logan Neitzel! All are welcome but please rsvp to
ALSO: I've been alerted that there are 2 blogger blogs stealing my content and putting up as their own. (I won't mention them and give them additional link press) I'm trying to figure out if they're actually coming and copying or if it's programmed. I figure if THIS goes up it's programmed. And if you're reading this anywhere other than on StyleDefined NYC please know it's the site of a rather dodgy thief!

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