Monday, May 30, 2011

Oh! You Pretty Things: The New Romantics

I photographed Anna & Kayvon Zand  outside Le Poisson Rouge last night at Oh! You Pretty Things, the GLAMorous shenanigans produced by Michael T., Benjamin Ickies, Shien Lee & Twig the Wonderkid. A fashion show by Wren Britton, tons of live performances accompanied by an orchestra and a dance performance were all part of the mix. I don't know if it was a throwback to earlier club days or really the beginning of something new but whatever it was it was divine. And before you ask: I did not photoshop the photo above. Anna really has a wasp waist in this corset!

Kayvon onstage

The symphonic rock band, This Ambitious Orchestra provided the music for the performances by Kayvon, Twig the Wonderkid & Benjamin Ickies & Shien Lee among others.

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