Sunday, May 15, 2011

Women in Direct Sales ~ 5 Books to Have

As you know, I just returned from a Leadership Conference in Newport Beach for Bamboopink. We learned from so many fantastic speakers about women in business for themselves. I love this quote, "If you wait for everything to be perfect, you will miss the perfect opportunity." So many creative women pass up great opportunities because they are not confident enough to take that "leap of faith". Sometimes, you have to just go for it! I really enjoyed listening to Carolyn Zainer, an interior designer by trade, as well as a fellow consultant for Bamboopink. Confident and enthusiastic are two adjectives that come to mind when I think of Carolyn ~ she and I hit it off immediately. Her wealth of knowledge in direct sales inspired me, and she also shared some wonderful books to learn even more. I ordered these for myself today.
5 Books for Successful Direct Selling
Thank you Carolyn, I am honored to know you. See the list of books for purchase below:

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