Thursday, September 23, 2010

Christoper Lee Sauve does The Big Top

Last night Christoper Lee Sauve had a runway show and pop-up shop at Big Top, Amanda Lepore's party at Carnival. A designer of witty and sometimes acerbic t-shirts, Christopher first became well known for his "SAVE ANNA" t-shirt a few seasons back and to quote from his website,

His current popularity began when rumors began to circulate the bloggosphere that ANNA WINTOUR was being replaced as editor of VOGUE. The now iconic t-shirt he created simply read: SAVE ANNA.

But it would be a less-likely, Bravo reality show vixen that would usher SAUVÉ into the mainstream,
“She would always say, I DIE. BANANAS. over and over again,” says the artist in regards to celebrity stylist RACHEL ZOE. “After I produced the shirt I received a letter from Zoe’s attorney saying that she trademarked the words ‘I Die.’ And ‘Bananas.’ I sent this letter to the press and a media sensation was born. How can someone trademark a fruit?” As a response to the cease and desist letter, SAUVÉ created the FREE THE FRUIT campaign which garnered support from around the globe. It was from this line that the ART (TM) BANANAS t-shirt, which is currently in production, was born.



I have been a fan of his since Save ANNA and not only is he super talented but he's a super genuine person with amazing energy. So I was thrilled to be a model in his show with many of the people I normally photograph including Malik So Chic, Jordan Fox, the many beautiful boyz of Manhattan nightlife, and of course Miss Amanda Lepore herself...wearing her own likeness on her t-shirt - of course! And along with the t-shirts were brilliant hats (shown in both photos above) by the fabulous Deryck Todd who will be debuting his full collection later this fall, and shades by Mercura.

So check out Christopher's website where you can order your own custom t-shirt to look pretty in because God don't like ugly!
***photos by George Perez. Thanks GeoXge! :)

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