Saturday, October 23, 2010

Too stylish to be true?

I was asked a question the other day: what did I consider a fashion faux pas. I gave this some thought and realized that many things that could be considered faux pas are merely a matter of taste. And I also knew that what I really consider to be a faux pas is our collective citing of  "comfort" as our excuse for being poorly dressed –or worse looking positively dull! And you know what I'm talking about:  the scads of people in the airports in sweats, the girls wearing flip flops at upscale restaurants and the generic t-shirt and jeans for all occasions. And the argument is always for comfort. So I would like the photo of these two to serve as a counter argument.  Wear a vintage/mod looking top with trousers and loafers like the guy on the left or play with the animal print theme popular this season like the girl on the right and look smashing. It really couldn't be simpler. Also how much do we love that they both happen to have side-sweeping hair?

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