Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Was Kendra Wrong To Be In Playboy Again?

Yesterday, Kendra Wilkinson's Playboy cover for their December issue was revealed. Following the big reveal, Kendra explained on her official website that the pictures were taken years ago when she was still living in the mansion.

So let's rewind for a second.. When Kendra and Hank began dating, she promised him she would never appear in Playboy again. Then, on the season premiere of Kendra which aired this past Sunday, he expressed to her that her post-baby Hank body was for his eyes only.

To many, this seems like a betrayal. Others believe that since the pictures were old, she's in the clear. So let us know, what do you think?

Was Kendra wrong to do Playboy even though the photos were old?

Yes. She said she would NEVER be in Playboy again. This was just a manipulative way to get around the promise.

No. The pictures were taken before she met him, so she wasn't betraying him.

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