Wednesday, June 8, 2011

At the opening of the Highline pt 2 with AOL & Friends With You

Last night I went to the opening celebration of the next part of the Highline – Downtown's fabulous park and as much nature as I need in the city. (Although dogs should be allowed –not just tourists!) I love the print on this girl's skirt and that she wore it with oxfords!

But what I really loved were the insane balloons created by the genius designers of Friends With You whom I've loved since forever. Or since they were around...
And if you weren't at the opening celebration last night no worries! They'll be up for a little while longer so check it out! 30th street and 10th Ave.
Oh final note: Hey Highline and AOL! Get with Twitter already. There was no hashtag for the event and no one I spoke to related to the event even knew what a hashtag was...are you listening AOL???!?

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