Friday, June 17, 2011

A Simple Guide to Charm Bracelets

Featuring a modular design, charm bracelets allow users to attach various different ‘charms’ such as beads or other miniature ornamental pieces to the chain – in so creating a potentially unique fashion statement. And with so many different charms out there to investigate, from plastic and glass examples right through to genuine silver, gold and even diamond pieces, there’s something for every budget. With such an abundance of delights to choose from, it’s possible to get a great look whether you’re a young girl with pocket money to spend or a career woman looking for a piece of jewellery that will get really people talking.


One great feature of charm bracelets is the ease with which wearers can change up the style of their favourite jewellery. If you fancy a brighter set of charms to reflect the coming summer months, then you can change the entire appearance of your bracelet within a matter or minutes. A subtle change can even help you adapt your charm bracelet to match whatever you decide to wear on a particular day.


While many women are more than aware of just how effective a charm bracelet can be at applying the final touch to a well-planned outfit, not many are aware of just how much history they have behind them. Indeed, the uninitiated could be forgiven for presuming that the bracelets are something of a new trend – but while it’s true that they have been bang back in style for the past 10 years or so, they have been around for much, much longer than many would imagine.

In fact, it’s thought that charm bracelets were even worn as far back as prehistoric times by superstitious types in the hope of keeping evil spirits or bad luck at bay. Back then, charms were fashioned from shells, clay and the bones of dead animals – a far cry from the shiny trinkets popular today. Queen Victoria is also reported to have been a big fan of charm bracelets, with her endorsement influencing a large contingent of the noble classes to follow suit and construct their own.

Suitable for almost any occasion, it’s easy to see why charm bracelets continue to endure. With infinite combinations to choose from, wearers are able to show off a unique piece of wristwear every single time they choose to tinker with their charm arrangement. If you’ve not yet had the pleasure of putting together your own trademark bracelet then get to work – and don’t be surprised when it becomes your most asked after piece of jewellery.

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